Leigh Steinberg on Shaping Sports: Equity, Negotiation, and Philanthropy

As we gear up for Super Bowl Sunday, join us for a special replay of Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox with the legendary sports representative, Leigh Steinberg. The real-life Jerry Maguire, Steinberg has represented a dozen NFL Hall of Famers and iconic figures across various sports, including Olympic champions. Steinberg shares his journey from representing NFL Hall of Famers to advocating for diversity and equity in sports. With over $4 billion negotiated for his clients, including stars like Patrick Mahomes, Steinberg’s influence extends beyond the game, directing over $750 million to global charities. In this comprehensive discussion, uncover Steinberg’s insights on achieving meaningful change in the sports industry through strategic negotiations, philanthropy, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Listen to this riveting conversation as we dive deep into the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of sports, society, and equity with one of the most impactful figures in sports history.

“Diversity Beyond the Checkbox” is presented by The Diversity Movement and hosted by Inc 200 Female Founders award winner, Jackie Ferguson.

This show is proud to be a part of the Living Corporate network and to be produced by Earfluence.