Mastering Deep Listening with Oscar Trimboli: Unveiling the Art of Understanding Unspoken Communication

Immerse yourself in deep listening with host Jackie Ferguson and Oscar Trimboli, an award-winning podcaster and keynote speaker, in this enlightening episode of “Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox.” Learn the critical distinction between active and deep listening, where the focus shifts to understanding the 86% of unspoken communication. Oscar Trimboli brings his expertise to the forefront, sharing actionable insights and practical tips to decode nonverbal cues and verbal signals, enhancing your ability to connect and communicate effectively. Delve into the neuroscience of listening and learn strategies to recharge your listening battery for more meaningful and intentional conversations. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to enhance communication skills, foster deeper connections, and navigate complex interactions with greater empathy and understanding. Tune in to part one of this two-part series to transform your listening approach and become a master of human connection.

“Diversity Beyond the Checkbox” is presented by The Diversity Movement and hosted by Inc 200 Female Founders award winner, Jackie Ferguson.

This show is proud to be a part of the Living Corporate network and to be produced by Earfluence.

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