Transforming Black Hair Care: Shalita Grant’s Journey to Bridging the Texture Gap

In this episode, Jackie‘s talking with Shalita Grant, a Juilliard alum, Tony-nominated actress, and the founder of Four Naturals Hair. From her roots in Virginia to the challenges she faced as a Black actress in Hollywood, Shalita shares her journey that led to the creation of Four Naturals. Learn about her deep dive into cosmetic chemistry, Ayurvedic practices, and her mission to revolutionize hair care for Black individuals.

Tune in for a candid and empowering conversation as Shalita discusses the importance of self-mastery, resilience, and her mission to transform the hair care industry.

“Diversity Beyond the Checkbox” is presented by The Diversity Movement and hosted by Inc 200 Female Founders award winner, Jackie Ferguson.

This show is proud to be a part of the Living Corporate network and to be produced by Earfluence.

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