Uncovering Belonging: Navigating Identity at Work with Josh Miller

Join host Jackie Ferguson in a profound conversation with Josh Miller, a trailblazing queer changemaker, public speaker, and entrepreneur. In this episode, Josh opens up about their journey of self-discovery, shedding light on the concept of “covering” and how it affects individuals in the workplace. Delve into the transformative power of uncovering one’s authentic identity and its profound impact on physical and emotional well-being.

Jackie and Josh explore strategies for leaders to create inclusive spaces where authenticity is celebrated, offering valuable insights into today’s ever-changing landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Discover how you can play an active role in fostering environments of safety, compassion, and true belonging. This enlightening conversation challenges us all to reflect on our experiences with covering and empowers us to contribute to the growing uncovering movement.

“Diversity Beyond the Checkbox” is presented by The Diversity Movement and hosted by Inc 200 Female Founders award winner, Jackie Ferguson.

This show is proud to be a part of the Living Corporate network and to be produced by Earfluence.

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